Introducing Debrouillard Ltd.

Jonathan Young, Documentary Cameraman

Jonathan Young is considered to be one of the best factual documentary DoP's in the UK. He has over 25 years of experience shooting for all the major UK and US broadcasters and numerous independent production companies across the globe. He has shot in over 110 countries, many of those locations which would be considered to be challenging and hostile. Working in these areas have encapsulated the essence of Jonathan's work. Composing beautiful images and drawing empathy from the viewers with the pictures created of the contributors, yet still keeping a strong sense of the editorial narrative of the clients brief.
" I have been privileged to have lived 10,000 lifetimes with what I have witnessed from my travelling with my cameras over the years. Yes, I have seen man's inhumanity to his nearest neighbour but out of this adversity I have seen more hope and genuine love shown by those trying to help those who cannot help themselves. It is always gratifying to be part of that message of hope with the images I create."
Much of the visual portfolio has been created alongside Simon Reeve, one of the most pre eminent television travel and adventure writer / presenters working today. Simon's exploration of the untold and counter intuitive stories , especially those on the margins of society has allowed Jonathan to demonstrate what he does best. Jonathan's work has been awarded numerous times by his peers at the GTC since 2008 and he has been nominated several times for RTS and BAFTA documentary photography for projects he has worked on since 2000.


Jonathan Young, Lighting Documentary Cameraman

Lighting Cameraman